The canadian population crisis

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Evidence synthesis – The opioid crisis in Canada: a national perspective

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TORONTO -- Canadian wildlife are not exempt from a "global biodiversity crisis" that is devastating worldwide animal populations, according to a stark new report by the World Wildlife Fund. Reference 1 In both British Columbia and Alberta, older First Nations women (aged 50 to 54 years) represented a higher proportion of all opioid-related deaths in both provinces, whereas First Nations men were younger (30 to 34 years), Reference 23, Reference 24 which is in keeping with apparent opioid-related death rates for men in the general Canadian population.

Human Rights Watch conducted research in First Nations communities in the province of Ontario between July and April to understand the human impacts of this crisis, and to. According to the OECD/World Bank population statistics, for the same period the world population growth was 27%, a total of 1, million people.

However, over the same period, the population of France grew by %. An impressive million Canadian citizens live outside of Canada itself; that's equivalent to 9% of the overall Canadian population. For comparison, only % of US citizens live abroad but more than 20% of New Zealanders live abroad.

The canadian population crisis
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