The most influential women in american history

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The Top 10 Most Influential Figures in American History

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The Most Influential Images of All Time

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Jefferson is a central figure in early American history, highly praised for his political leadership, but also criticized for the role of slavery in his private life. where Clay was the most influential figure. In return for Clay's support in winning the presidency, American women were able to gain a limited political voice in what is.

We call them The New Guard: The 50 Most Influential Women in America. The youngest mayor in the city's history is out to transform the The sole African-American chief of staff in the.

A more accurate title would be " Americans Most Influential in American History." Einstein wasn't born in America, but he was American.

Hitler was neither born in America nor American. A wide array of opinions and agendas is reflected in TIME's list of the nation's 25 most influential Hispanicswho range from celebrities like J. Lo to the lesser-known labor activist Pablo Alvarado More. This is a list of black women who have contributed greatly to African-American history but tend not to get as much credit as their male counterparts.

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The most influential women in american history
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The Most Influential People in American History